We are as passionate about food as we are about wine. These recipes are from a variety of sources that have been tried, tested, and been given the thumbs up by ourselves. Most have been served at our events. Commentary has been given where we have found a little assist is helpful – or just interesting. We always appreciate your thoughts and recipes you would like to share, so send them along!

Chanterelles with Dried Apricot
Exotic Mushroom Paté
Parmesan Shortbread
Sausage Phyllo Triangles
Baked Brie with Roasted Garlic in Puffed Pastry (En Croute)

Bourbon Spoonbread
Polenta with Mushrooms

Braised Goose with Mustard Cream
Huitlacoche (Corn Fungi with Hominy)
Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage
Java Chicken Barbecue
Lamb Stew with Green Olives
Pork Roast Flambé with Cranberry Stuffing
Risotto con Funghi

Lemon Cream Scones
Peerless Cornbread Muffins
Classic Buttermilk Biscuits
Sourdough Porcini Mushroom Bread

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Frosting
Fallen Angel Almond Cake with Coffee Cream
Lady Baltimore Cake with Rum Buttercream Frosting
Love Letters (Valentine Cookies)
Mamie Eisenhower’s Million Dollar Fudge
Old Fashioned Gingerbread Cookies
Pear Almond Tart
Very Ginger Ice Cream
Vienna Raspberry Chocolate Bars
Candy Cap Mushroom Cookies

Great Food Links (Be sure to check out the comment section of each recipe – enlightening and valuable!) (Absolutely great meats, and the black pepper bacon is amazing!) (Excellent chocolate. For those who bake often or in large quantities, the pricing in the “Professional” section makes it feasible) (thorough, easy to understand and follow explantions of great recipes)





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